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  • The Singing Tree


    I am very pleased to share “The Singing Tree”, the first installment in a live performance series of new songs. The audio is our first take, which speaks to the exceptional musicianship of my friends and bandmates Maureen Andary, Sara Curtin, Logan Lamons, Alissa Moore, Ryan Walker and Dayana Yochim.

    A few months ago, my mom told me about a maple tree in the front yard of our Indianapolis home where she would gather the neighborhood kids and sing. I have tiny flickering memories of it, even though I was only a toddler when we lived there. I fell in love with the image, half remembered/half dreamed, and wrote this song.

    Special thanks to Atwood Magazine for premiering this new creation, and to Clubhill Media for capturing the magic.

    Follow The Cowards Choir on Spotify, where the audio for this video, and those that follow, will be streaming exclusively.

    As always, thank you for listening. Please enjoy and share.

    The roots go down… Deep into the soil they grow...