• I Took A Drive - Second Song in 'The Singing Tree' Series

    Friend, here is the second installment of The Singing Tree series produced by Clubhill Media, “I Took A Drive”. Popdose is premiering the video exclusively. The audio will be available to stream on Spotify August 4th.

    Once again, Alissa Moore, Dayana Yochim, Logan Lamons, Maureen Andary, Ryan Walker and Sara Curtin performed beautifully.

    There is a house tucked away in the neighborhood nearby. In the front lawn, a cross stands. Upon it is draped an American flag. In November, the colors were brightly lit at night. Now when I pass by, I can see that the fabric is weathered and the edges are frayed. I’m not sure what the owners intended message is. I’ve never stopped to ask, even though I’ve often wondered. That image became the physical representation of so many things I felt leading up to and after November 8th. Those thoughts became this song.

    As always, thank you for listening. - AZ

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    I took a drive
    in memory
    day and night
    a passing view
    I found no rest
    in the great divide
    body and earth
    broken in two

    Before me stood
    a towering wall
    some crawling stream
    cut its way through
    I drifted in
    a needle leaf
    so very small
    that I might lose myself

    Pale moon, she rose to speak
    I had so longed to hear her
    voice reflected on my eyes
    oh, I have become awake

    in the Travel Mart,
    a radio
    echoes some sad
    toupeed tycoon
    his words reveal
    he has never known
    unconquered love
    purchased to prove

    his name is power
    a neon sign
    on the boardwalk
    about to lose
    its flickering light
    attracting moths
    just hovering
    until his glory fades

    Red moon rises to speak
    eclipsed, I can not see her
    only a blinding ring
    oh, darling I know you are afraid

    oh darling, I know you are afraid

  • The Singing Tree


    I am very pleased to share “The Singing Tree”, the first installment in a live performance series of new songs. The audio is our first take, which speaks to the exceptional musicianship of my friends and bandmates Maureen Andary, Sara Curtin, Logan Lamons, Alissa Moore, Ryan Walker and Dayana Yochim.

    A few months ago, my mom told me about a maple tree in the front yard of our Indianapolis home where she would gather the neighborhood kids and sing. I have tiny flickering memories of it, even though I was only a toddler when we lived there. I fell in love with the image, half remembered/half dreamed, and wrote this song.

    Special thanks to Atwood Magazine for premiering this new creation, and to Clubhill Media for capturing the magic.

    Follow The Cowards Choir on Spotify, where the audio for this video, and those that follow, will be streaming exclusively.

    As always, thank you for listening. Please enjoy and share.

    The roots go down… Deep into the soil they grow...



  • Growing

    Hello there.

    We’re well into the new year. Forgive me for the late greeting. 

    Songwriting has always been a way for me to say the things that can not be said with words alone. Now, perhaps more than ever, I am using melodies to process what is happening in our world. 

    I will not give in to fear. I continue to have hope. 

    In September, Miriam and I had a son. It seems like we have walked through a doorway and been given a new awareness that everything is deeper and wider than we once knew. 

    The pace of life is different. I have had many drowsy nights/early mornings to think and write. Sometimes, I play and sing for our little boy when he is calm and not kicking his bunny legs. I can’t describe to you what it does to me when he watches and listens intently. His momma and I love him so.

    I have been dreaming about what to create next. There is definitely something taking shape. For now, I will ask that you keep a look out and be willing to participate when the time comes… 

    I’m very excited to let you know that The Cowards Choir is expanding: Sara Curtin and Maureen Andary of The Sweater Set have graciously accepted my invitation join! They are both exceptional singers and musicians. Gonna be some four part harmony up in here, y’all! We’ve got plans to let you hear what that will sound like soon. 

    If you haven’t already, you can now order Name The Fear DVDs, vinyl, CDs and t-shirts here.  It is so fulfilling to realize that it was once just an idea, and now it exists thanks to so many generous advocates!

    Thank you for support and thank you for listening, friend. 

    More to come in 2017…

    - AZ